Tiny Notes

In my weird daily cosmos

There exist tiny pieces of yellow

One that thanks me for memories

Others that say I love you


Before you leave this room

Past the sea of unread notes

I wonder if they breathe at night

Sigh and smile like lovely ghosts


I read one and gaze ahead

The second I tape to my wall

Another lies etched in my dream

That’s the one that rules them all


It reads of promises

Of undying faith.

Whispers in the breeze

and takes my breath away…


Up in Flames

This heart lies cold
at the edge
of a mortal soul
i wish for playful games
for eyes that burst you
up in flames

I haven’t seen the world just yet
to give up hope
on pretty words and unsafe bets
wish for an endless throe of pain
for words that burn my soul
up in flames

At length a story comes by
that brings a smile
to the unhurt eye
it sparks the wilderness for the tamed
bursts this virgin heart
up in flames

It takes you on a ride
of a lifetime
and wins over the most practical minds
at length you realize
you were winning a losing game
but by then
you are already up in flames

Miss Sunflower Blue

I don’t think about you
I’m sunflower blue
I dream of a voice
an evening breeze
whispering in my ears
singing me to sleep
I don’t think about you
I’m sunflower blue
You don’t haunt me
in my hazy memories
you don’t follow sunset 
in a midnight’s dream
I don’t think about you
I’m sunflower blue
You aren’t etched deep
in the depths of my soul
I don’t get lost without you
and wonder where to go
I don’t think about you
I’m sunflower blue