Grandma’s Green Garden

grandma's green garden.jpg

It smelt of green grass and lemon trees

But my grandma’s garden was best known for its jackfruit

Molten candy melts

The tiny yellow piece was squished inside the travails of my mouth

Every flavor of lush green Kerala sacrificed

On the altar of my palette

In the beauty of the springtime

Comes this dream of the green thorns housing my squishy molten yellow childhood!

The door to yesterday


The door to yesterday
Is shut somewhere deep in my heart
Its not truth that remains
But the lies I keep inside

It stands locked
Like a fortress
Weathering many waves stormed
At the edge of the sea of sorrow

What lies inside
Is regret running deep
Like a blind man’s eye
Dark and endless

Do I remain in the infinite
Remembering those empty days
Or Do I look ahead and smile
At the many almosts 

My hopes remain outside
Flying into the wind
Like the misty tides
Going right through me

But the light’s bright out there
Cuts like a knife
I’d rather be without that air
Breathing in the empty promise

For love that has remained untold
Is better than a vacant tomorrow
For its worse to wait for life to unfold
In joy, only to lock it away deep inside

For I’d rather be locked in
Than locked out
I’d rather drown deep
Behind the door of yesterday

Her shadow


I was born as an afterthought
A shadow of her truth
I was never surprised
That I wasn’t their God’s perfect muse

I was a plan B
A wilful addition
Aren’t we all?
We ,the secondary volitions…

I often wonder
Would I have been different
If she’d have stepped in after me
Like her, would I have been as benevolent

In sharing their love
Like a share of the pie
Would I have done the same?
If she teared up would I have cried?

Would I have felt then
What I feel now
Would I have thought myself
A useless tug along tow?

But it hits me
Uselessness is a disease
It has nothing to do with her
My mind goes where it pleases

And it pleases to think me
I’m masochistic that way
Without her as my blissfully ignorant glee


Sigh. Smile. Reminisce.
The thought awakens real slow
In this empty world
I’d rather be her shadow
Than go it alone
Or grant her my own

To what remains…

This is a start
Always was one
You and I we all are going to be smiling
When all of this is done
We walked past those doors
To give our life some clue
And months down the road
We all became brand new
We mocked our best friends
Sworn off the enemies
We danced on the tunes
Of unexpected reveries
Two years of love
Two years of friendship
We have learnt more than just life
Yes, we have been on quite a trip J

It’s the beginning of the end
I shall shed no tear this time
For this is not the end
This is the start of the rest of our lives!

The black screen

As the light above blinds
my unassuming eye
As the screens go black and green
at the blink of an eye

My thoughts stray to that heavenly valley
that sound of the river meandering through

I stop at the place where
the heavens and I were one
the mountains embraced
my rain-kissed skin

all my thoughts of doom – gone
I come back to tell the story
to my black screen
stories of my moments of glory
and yet the triumphs are unseen

unheard are my views
untouched is my soul
for I’m alone in a box
with no one around
It’s just me and my black screen

P.S.: Written a long time ago on a depressing day at work!