Because it always ends
Before it even begins
Because I lose my thought
Each time time twists and spins

Because truths often
Hurt more than the lies
Because running away
Helps the soul’s infinite sky

Because the best world
Is always a fantasy
Because one step out of the bell jar
Brings you back to reality

Because every life unloved
Is a life that is dead
Because in every love what’s told
Is never enough said

Because every soul has an audience
And every audience a voice
Because even music sometimes
Is just a lot of noise

Because that which doesn’t kill
Gives you pleasure too
Because everyday I breath this dead air
I love you too….


Purple Haze

My wounds feel wrong
my joy in a haze
is this just a season
a passing pretty phase?
Does the mind know what it feels
does it feel truly safe
does it yearn for solitude orĀ 
its people that it craves
Is my glass half empty
or the plate half full
Is it just the dim lights
or my life’s sweet lull
The door awaits
a faint knock
as it turns midnight
on a stopped clock
Will I live the other day
just to die in a smile
or will I stay here in the purple haze
will I stay here a while?