Halfway House

girl child

Mama, spare me a thought

When you let go of that hand

Your lonely life may hurt a lot

But don’t blame me for the bones that thaw

I know I wasn’t always wanted

Inside these dirty walls

I wasn’t a dream that was granted

I know you wished for my fall

But spare a thought for the unwanted spirit

The one that haunts these tiny hands

It maybe cursed but it’s still a gift

For it comes from your fertile lands

The idea of me maybe daunting

But if I smile like an angel will you let me be?

If I promise to be a quiet darling

Will you then hold on to me?

Mama, I can tell we aren’t home yet

This fear you feel is a ruse

The real home will be full of love I bet

This is just a halfway house


Courtesy: Jithin RK 🙂

She lives far away
in my dream of a home
She smiles easily
knows joy is simple and fleeting
She is proud in a faint second
of the best friends she created
She doesn’t know of love
any other way than this
She mumbles in her sleep
of the loveless love of her life
She lives in her dreams
and flies into the depths of her mind
She is easy to please
for pleased is all she is
She doesn’t judge me
for I’m hers to keep
She is and will always be
my one and only constance!
Love you mom 🙂