Zodiac Confessions (A-Z)


At the stale edge of this day

Boredom kicks in in like a bully

Cracking me up inside

Doling out screams in the mind’s inane alleys

Ever looked at a raw nerve about to snap?

Fear seeping slowly into their heads?

Giving in to my mind’s

Hollow thirst for blood

Insanity is relative

Joy almost always absolute

Knowledge of both can easily take

Lives in their stunning youth

My brilliance rises with each shot

Numbness closing in easily in

Open chambers of their hearts

Promising the rise of the sun in

Quaint silence.

Retched souls strewn along the river

Serial numbers make me a serial killer

They trudge along calling me the insane,

Undead mind stalking and hunting

Vile filth on the roads of Maine.

Wish he would look beyond

X raying my mocking notes, read it again and again

Yelling out my name in the night

Zodiac – the hero of the insane

The Chair

I have seen kings fall
knights gone cold
I have seen evil
in both the young and old
Days when blood and sweat
and the stench of death
were too much to bear
for those who saw their last breath
I have seen the ones
with murderous rage
begging for mercy
at the pearly gates
I have seen those
who made peace
tried their own sins
and took death with ease
But what they know not
is what lies in wait
they think they rest in peace
with souls unafraid
I see things they don’t
I see him standing there
All those who come to me
are damned to the reaper’s lair
P.S: Photograph by jithinrk 🙂

My Little Dark Beans

The little dark beans,
they call me home
wire me up
even when I’m alone

The little dark beans
They crush and crumble
As the big black machine
It rumbles

Little girl screams
nice and sweet
she wishes for her mommy
as she eats

Little girl screams
wouldn’t give me peace
for me and my beloved
little coffee beans

Tonight my coffee
Is nice and dark
The juicy fingers
They leave a red mark

The little girl is quiet
her voice is gone
in this dark night
I’m finally alone

The clock strikes 3
And there is blood on the floor
My little black beans
Ain’t black no  more