Standing atop the hill
Where she fell
Where her beauty and her soul
In the sunlight do dwell

It is here that I walk
Alone until its dark
Then I lose myself
And my mind falls apart

Did they take her
Up this clumsy way
In a lonesome hearse
On a cold winter day

Or did they let her headless
Lump rot, in the sun
And then build a sepulcher
And call her “the one”

I wonder what that angel thought
The one whose smile is etched in stone
Deep down she might have cried
For the girl who died alone

These walls grim at my touch
Behind the dirt and grime
Tell a tale of a beauty
That stood the test of time

She was a thought
A story to the empty hearts
A few worthy words
Painted into someone’s art

One day she fell in love
With the mirrored reflection
Of her own beauty
And its flawed perfection

When I now look upon
The same silver screen
It simply shines the mighty road
And sees right through me

That life that went away
Silently in a guillotine
It still lurks around here
Floating on the night breeze

Today she lies
A pile of broken bones
Among friends and foes
Buried under the same stone



I walk down the path
Passing by each goodbye
Walking among the hearts I broke
and those who made me cry

I walk the empty roads
Till dusk beckons me home
I look around at the last of light
Back into my sepulcher I go….



High among the clouds
Lies a beauty of hope
Her flight in history
Has been ebbing in endless flows

She is perched in feathers
Exudes a beauty ethereal
She smiles when surrendering
To our dreamy tears

Up in the sky
Does she see the path
Blurred with the walls
Stuck in an eternal aftermath

Everything is a result
Of something sinister
Does Hope see the light
Across this dark reflective river?

Is she in the sun
That shines through the tiny window
Is that her in the corner of the eye
Begging my soul to let go?

Does she like an angel
Fly in the depths of a mind’s sky
Or is she the Icarus
Who falls after an unreal flight?

What awaits

What waits down this road?
Calls ignored, knocks on the door?
Unanswered it stands
My black mind
What lurks behind that wall?
An untouched hand
An unheard voice?
Or stories unwritten in sand?
What awaits this life?
A life of love
Or of blind rage?
Or perhaps a materialistic treasure trove!
Whatever awaits, whatever lurks
It shall soon be
All that matters is
I always keep myself safe in me! 


Winds of the heavenly gods,

Come to Thee, My Sire

To Thee, they make known the world

Through Thee, they come to earth

This unyielding heart

Doeth skip a mortal beat

When Thy feet bless the ground

Or Thy breath doeth oblige the air

The world may claim me mad

But Thy mind will save mine

It will raise me from my death

For my death is equally Thine

Mirrors, don’t lie, Oh sire!

And mine doeth tell the truth

Thou, my reflection, my sire

Art my only borne fruit