Because it always ends
Before it even begins
Because I lose my thought
Each time time twists and spins

Because truths often
Hurt more than the lies
Because running away
Helps the soul’s infinite sky

Because the best world
Is always a fantasy
Because one step out of the bell jar
Brings you back to reality

Because every life unloved
Is a life that is dead
Because in every love what’s told
Is never enough said

Because every soul has an audience
And every audience a voice
Because even music sometimes
Is just a lot of noise

Because that which doesn’t kill
Gives you pleasure too
Because everyday I breath this dead air
I love you too….



Standing atop the hill
Where she fell
Where her beauty and her soul
In the sunlight do dwell

It is here that I walk
Alone until its dark
Then I lose myself
And my mind falls apart

Did they take her
Up this clumsy way
In a lonesome hearse
On a cold winter day

Or did they let her headless
Lump rot, in the sun
And then build a sepulcher
And call her “the one”

I wonder what that angel thought
The one whose smile is etched in stone
Deep down she might have cried
For the girl who died alone

These walls grim at my touch
Behind the dirt and grime
Tell a tale of a beauty
That stood the test of time

She was a thought
A story to the empty hearts
A few worthy words
Painted into someone’s art

One day she fell in love
With the mirrored reflection
Of her own beauty
And its flawed perfection

When I now look upon
The same silver screen
It simply shines the mighty road
And sees right through me

That life that went away
Silently in a guillotine
It still lurks around here
Floating on the night breeze

Today she lies
A pile of broken bones
Among friends and foes
Buried under the same stone



I walk down the path
Passing by each goodbye
Walking among the hearts I broke
and those who made me cry

I walk the empty roads
Till dusk beckons me home
I look around at the last of light
Back into my sepulcher I go….

Growing up….


Where is the song that was sung,
The heart that won
With a loss so big
Your soul was undone

Where is that lullaby
That flickered in your mind’s eye,
Kissed your small sighs
Bid your sorrow goodbye

Where is the sun that rose
At the end of the night’s woes
Lifted your black veil
Held your fragile heart so close

Where is the pride that led
You to refuse that measly bread
To say no his cursed bed
And instead of shame choose death

Where is the smile
That appeared without prejudice or trial
It’s lost in these worn miles
Across these roads muddied and riled…

The day she cried…

She cried
For souls lost
Love forlorn
And tombs in gold were cast

Like flickers of a lamp
The tiny hearts they beat
Fading slowly I wonder
Is their pain the same as the one she feels


When did innocence die
Was it the cold November day
Or has it been dying
Since He left us to wander astray

She cried
Wondering where the brother went
Sighing about how without a fight
One loses a best friend

How do we walk on
Paths laid out by those who rest
How do we smile
Across shrouds of souls thus blessed?

This little angel
In my minds unnerved eye
She cries today
As the processions pass her by

How many more sons
How many brothers
Must walk this cursed path
She wonders

And then in a breathy sigh
She walks back through the rusted doors
Wondering does he play here still?
Are those his footsteps on the floor??

An ode to a friend

Ain’t worth your time
This lost hope
It ain’t worth your pain
Not worth your soul
Life isn’t a box
Nor the world an oyster
But when it breathes in joy
Don’t you forget to remember — 
Nothing’s worth these tears
For now just hush and smile
For the love around you
Will make it worth your while
It’s not about the people who left
It’s about those who are
Don’t you close your doors
Don’t shut out your heart. 
You are always the love for someone
An exotic mystery with no clues
You will always be this heart’s kindness
A lonely poet’s broken muse 🙂 

The City of Lost Souls

I walk back down this path
I see a city torn down
I look at the pain underneath
And slowly touch the heavy ground

The old man who sleeps by the road
He smiles in blatant rage
He has seen you here forever ago
Flaunting your golden age

You wonder what story he’d tell
What past he lived
You wonder if he ever took what was his
From a world with nothing to give.

The city is in shackles
Of some silent pain
Most of us on the streets are dying
Some of us are insane

Where would I hide in dark of the night
Where would I go
I have come far from nowhere
In this city of lost souls

The Morning After

With birds he shares his view
he flies high and low 
in this soft brew
he drowns my love
They drink the last drink 
smoke the last high
but there is no lack of think
no rivers run dry
At length when the haze goes away
and some find themselves in tears
others run another happy day
Another fake smile to wear
In this din and commotion
the heart stops at noisy tracks
But it’s not heart or emotion
it is only beauty that this lost soul lacks
When the morning dawns
the jokes on the one that flew the highest
for reality is not beautiful
when you fall down the hardest!

Head vs Heart

My bloodhounds await
The shimmering night
They growl and grovel
At the lack of fright
They are in my head
Constant reminders
Of a crumbled up mesh
But this heart’s grown kinder
In a life lived in despair
There is never a happy hope
My head sneers at the thought
But my heart refuses to cope
At length when the lights come around
In the dark and lonely road
A flicker of a smile is found
In an effort to let pain go
Before this night is over
Before the moment passes me by
This time I shall fight my hounds
This time I shall write of joy!


My world is lost
with nowhere for it to find
I live dreamless
in a thoughtless mind

At length it comes,
this light across the dark room
it promises a cynical joy
a choice of flying over the moon

My mind says yes
the heart says no
I live in the paradox
of dreams that were overthrown

Is it just me
or do you feel it too,
This incessant need

for feeling blue??

Heartless, Soulless

A heart that cannot feel
is it still a heart
A soul that cannot heal
can it be thus, a soul called?
I try to cry but the tears run dry
I welcome sorrow
but my spirit flies too high
to see what aches and what hurts
If I’d wish one wish
and take one blessing
it’d be to kill that first kiss
that talks of an overrated love….