From Anne to Sylvia

We walk through our valleys of fear
Into the dying dawn
It’s all just peaches and pears
Until you find everything around was wrong

First it’s hundreds then thousands in the mind
The thoughts of death
Running crazy and blind
“We are not to die”, she said

“Not so quickly in life”
I am in a deeper myth my friend
For you I walked past the knife
Little, of course, can you say to this

You who embraced it like a friend
You who looked past the ignorance
Straight into a peaceful end
You who claimed it away

You don’t get to take what’s mine
Or is it yours too?
For now I will be fine
But one day I shall seek you out

No poetry or prose
Can cut me through the sorrow
Of a burial rose
O Sylvia

You are nothing and everything
You are my dark horse
Wrapped around a noose ring
I will come over, come over one day
O Sylvia, one day’s today today…

P.S: For those who don’t know their story Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath were best friends and they openly spoke of confessional poetry and the idea of suicides that they were constantly plagued with. This here is my tribute to the friendship

The End of a Friend

Lines across the face
The stones on the path
They don’t have to be a story
Of a life that doesn’t last
A friend is still a friend
Even if they don’t think of you
As the place to run and hide
When they have nowhere else to go

They walk in with a crown of thorns
Claim the throne and shut the door
They walk right past your fear
And start exploring death some more
A friend is still a friend
Even if they think of death
And you want to claim their life
And bring them back to their gasping breaths

They may drive you mad
With the walking away
They come back to your tears
Like it was any other day
A friend is still a friend
Even if they pick a rotten heart to save
Over your unconditional soul
Even if they walk away
Without a goodbye scroll

Three Word Game

Sorrow. Joy. Life
Life. Simple. Happy
Happy. Her. Him
Him. Abuse. Her.
Her. Battered. Used.
Used. Sorrow. Life.

Sorrow. Joy. Life.
Life.Story. End.
End.Blood. Pain.
Pain. Love. Heart.
Heart. Anger. Hell.
Hell. Sorrow. Life.

Sorrow. Joy. Life.
Pain. Pain. Pain
Sorrow. Sorrow. Sorrow
Pain. Pain. Pain
Sorrow. Pain. Death…

P.S: Stop. Pain. Sorrow.
       Stop. Hurt. Life.
       Stop. Domestic. Violence!


I look  beyond the silence
behind the cold glass
beyond the shores of light
feigning a dream so far

I am lost in the wild
this lit up concrete night
everything seems like dust
a misdemeanor of a hopeless mind

In a little while
my boxed life breaks
the walls stunned down
in a heartless gaze

The questions of existence
fog this empty heart
under the ugly mist
my road ahead seems dark

At length I realize
the attempt at a sane life
is a futile thought
of a fading light

I look at my reflection
my shadow’s unreal
this is not my mind
this is not me


All of life’s ridicule
caught in a tired noose
I seek my veins 
to meet blood so non-blue
He walks on in my shadows
back from the dead in a drink
is it the haze of the pills
or my inability to unthink
Haunting my shadows
ruining my past
he has led me to this place
to sighing my last
What is it to be
a string around the neck
or a knife run in too deep
to celebrate this murder of self respect
Tonight the trigger is friendly
one wound welcomes some more
for in that last moment
his ghost haunts me no more….

No One Here Gets Out Alive

The lights grew dim
And I am alone
All the noise and the beauty
Stopped by a stone

She wraps her tiny fingers
Around my filthy hand
She knows little of the price you pay
For being the solitary man

I cry in the middle of the night
For nothing makes me smile
Even her sweet laughter
Lets the pain go only for a while

I walk in to the greenhouse
The sweet spring leaves beckon
This last stand would be easy
No heavens or hells to welcome

I take a deep breath, pull the trigger
Let go of the light of day
What world would know me 
Is it better to burn out than to fade away?